In 2017 we decided to start a brewery of our own, and in October 2018 we started brewing in an old cinema on an island with a view of the Baltic Sea. The projector room now harbours our malt mill where we crush our grains and we still have the velvet curtains and the huge silver screen in our warehouse.

We always have loved hops and Jessica is a hop hearted woman that is known for brewing with “Love & Hops”, so naming our brewery something hoppy like Hop Notch was a no-brainer (when we finally had sieved thru and sorted about 200 other names)

About Jessica:
Microbiologist, sommelier and pharmaceutical researcher Jessica began her career in beer as a student and hobby brewer in Uppsala studying microbiology and biochemistry. From microbiology it’s a short step to micro-brewing and 2009 Jessica were engaged to relaunch the old Swedish beer brand S:t Eriks, that had been dormant for over 50 years.  The brewery quickly won numerous listings at Systembolaget and has been recognised with several national and international awards. Today she is a well-established name in the industry with four Swedish brewing championship titles and is a popular lecturer and beer judge with assignments around the world.

About Magnus:
Magnus is the mountain bike riding  MSc. from The Royal Institute of Technology. A former Air Force officer in the reserve and veteran from peace keeping missions. Until he got this crazy idea to start a brewery he used to be a fairly sane person doing computer stuff for some of the major Swedish banks and lately classified hush-hush project management for the government at FMV.